Conformalizer Changelog

fixed issue with some rare text encodings from Premiere

Rebuilt Pro Tools reconform - now faster and more reliable.
NOTE: 'normal' speed conform should now be the best option for even very large sessions.
Added Conformalizer Helper AAX plugin - requires PT11 or greater
Fixed playhead so it allows movie scrubbing when no change events are present.

Improved speed of video analysis pass (maybe 25%)
Hopefully improved the reliability of the framerate check.
Allowed user to continue even if incorrect framerate is ?detected?.
Moved the ?framestore? files to same directory as the movies they relate to.
Changed the framestore format - this will force you to rescan any existing movies.
Moved the ?Change Lists? backups to "~/Documents/Conformalizer/Conform Backups? 
Added ?Import Last Saved Backup? menu item and shortcut (CMD-Opt-4)
Fixed a few shortcuts (eg. Export TC Changenote, Offset Selected)
Split the Events menu into Events, Compare and Conform

Fixed issue where event numbers were 001 after video compare and would not import subsequently.

Improvements to speed, tolerance and accuracy of video compare feature.
Fix for text import/export using unicode characters
Change list arrow up/down now skips GAP events.

Added "gap events"
Added "Video Compare" routines
Added "shortcut info" panel
Changed VFX colour to green
Added shortcuts for "Trim Head/Tail To Fill"
Removed the blue colour on ?events after gaps? - no need now
fixed modifiers when navigating movies.
added click zone in block view to scrub both movies together
fixed button display issue in El Cap
added movie start times to .conform file export/import
added drag/drop movies onto movie views
fixed issue with CSV files
fixed Diff View so it no longer eats key commands
fixed issue in change note import

improved EDL parsing by allowing events with zero source timecode.

fixed issue with line-endings in certain EDLs.
improvements to video support

fixed issue with conforming tab/csv files using fruity character sets
fixed issue with true-24fps movies locating incorrectly

Fixed issue with some change notes failing to import
Fixed issue with some change notes giving null values for moved events.

Total GUI redesign
Version checking setup rebuilt, adding DL, skip, never etc.

Block View:
Block view accepts clicks for navigation - CTRL for QT scroll, SHIFT and CMD for selection as per mac OS.
Added block view linkages showing connection between old and new blocks.
Added movie bounds displayed in the blockView (dotted line).
Movies now help define the total range of the blockview.

Events, Compare etc:
Added fast TC typing - type without colons, type only the most significant digits, type single digit hour codes, overtype (last 8 digits) - for all TC fields
Manual heal now leaves the healed event selected
'find events in other files' now uses full-noise VFX tracing for much more accurate searching.
Improved speed of 'find events in other files?.
Checking for mis-matched duration right before conforming.
Bogus change events (any duration issues) now display timecodes in RED.
Bogus change events are now checked for before any conform action.
VFX updates now show RED colour on 'source name' field only - Timecode colour is now reserved for errors.
Added 'Select VFX Updates Events' and 'Select Normal Events' to help assess VFX changes
Added persistence to the Labroll and Clipname data - switching the pref now switches the data already loaded in OLD and NEW lists.
Added 'Compare Without Healing' menu item and shortcut to speed VFX tracking workflow
Added Timecode/Feet+Frames display preference - applies to lists only and does not support editing in F+F.
Changed keyboard shortcuts for 'locate session to??
Half hour nudge using shift modifier on the stepper buttons

Export, Email etc:
Added conform email generator (Email Conform Summary) in TC and F+F, depending on pref.
Added VFX list email generator (Email VFX Summary) in TC and F+F, depending on pref.
Relative change note and euphonix relative note exports now checked more carefully for reorders, overlaps and duration inequality.

Added navigation indicators to Movies - showing navigation commands for the benefit of spectators.
Added Movie matched/unmatched indicators as coloured borders around movie views.
Added Movie sync indicator to show when matched footage is actually in sync with itself, and when it is not.
Added modifiers to control OLD and NEW pix independently (SHIFT=OLD OPT=NEW)
Movie navigation performance greatly improved.
Added movie bounds displayed in the blockView (dotted line)
Movies now help define the total range of the blockview
QT movie navigation with arrow keys now faster and more consistent.
Large and difference movie views remember screen, size and position.
Fixed small bug where New movie would forget it's assigned TC start value'

Import, Formats etc:
Fixed issues with Adobe Premiere FCP XML exports - (Premiere 8.2.0 (65) build)
Loaded file names are now just 1 line of text - full list of files is hidden in the 'tooltip' upon hovering.
Added user editable list for Source Roll Blacklist on EDL import.
Added user editable list for Find/Replace on EDL import.

Fixed Pro Tools framerate checking in Drop Frame.
Reduced incidence of erroneous framerate warnings.
Improved conform speed by removing erroneous ?duration retry? loops. Users should now try a faster setting than usual.
Added cut marker routine and associated preference and menu item
Added automation cleanup routines and associated preference and menu item

Capitalised application name
Fixed silent errors in tableview selection code.
Clarified terminology for 'edit count' - now using 'event' instead.
Switched to new preference file - old prefs can be kept by renaming com.maggot.conformalizer.plist to com.thecargocult
Added scroller and completely rebuilt all preference connections in the setup page.
Added link to online help menu

  The Cargo Cult. is a boutique audio software design company based in Wellington, New Zealand, developing and distributing the products and designs of Justin Webster.
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