Software solutions for post production, sound design & music


The ultimate Change Management solution. Matchbox compares any two versions of your show and finds every little cut change, VFX tweak or dialog slip. The best thing since sliced picture.


Super tight thumps on gunshots, deep kicks, massive earthquake rumbles… or throbbing, diving, shuddering LFE which shakes your audience awake.


Envy is all about envelopes, stealing characteristics of one sound and applying them to another. If you ever wished one sound was a bit more like another, that's Envy.


The Swiss-Army knife for surround mixing. Panner, downmixer, channel manager for anyone working in surround.


Slapper is a multi-tap surround delay with a stunningly intuitive interface, fantastic console integration and some freakish sound design potential.


Stemcell is boring. Nobody wants a multichannel stem filter with an independent LPF and HPF for each channel in a surround stem... but everybody needs one.