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Frequently asked questions

Who the... what?

Who is ‘The Cargo Cult’? Where did you suddenly come from?

Well, we used to be known as “Maggot Software" and in fact we're still officially “Maggot Media Ltd" trading as "The Cargo Cult". We rebranded the software publishing business but it's the same people and the same great products.

And who is this 'Justin Webster' person claiming responsibility for your stuff?

Justin is the guy dreaming up these tools, doing the bulk of the design and engineering, and probably the heaviest user of all of them.

With a background in post-production sound, these tools are all created to fill a void in his own tool-kit.

You can hear his work in films like Ready Player One, Lord of the Rings, District 9, Tintin and the Hobbit: IMDB

What on earth is a 'cargo cult' and what's it got to do with you?

Have a look at the About Page for an explanation and links to some great reading materials on the subject. Guaranteed to kill a few hours.

Contacting us

I emailed you first thing this morning and didn't hear back till midnight! WTAF dude?

Yeah well, we were asleep.
We're based in New Zealand (it's near Australia) and we get sunlight on a completely different schedule to most countries.
The good news is that we're very responsive when we are awake and make a real point of responding to everyone as quickly as possible.
I'm an end user as well so I know what it's like to be left hanging.

I have an issue/bug/complaint/gift - How should I get in touch?

For bug reports we recommend using the bug reporting feature on the support page.

If you have general questions about using the products, feel free to use social media channels. You might get an answer from another user before we wake up down here in new Zealand.

For feature requests or general support issues use

Known issues

Matchbox seems to get all crazy when conforming my session and starts dropping markers or even pastes the same thing twice.

You've probably got a large session and your DAW can't keep up with Matchbox.

First, try simplifying your session, deactivating tracks, reducing undo history to just a few items, thinning all automation.

If that doesn't solve it for you (wow, that must be a massive session) go to the matchbox prefs and change the "reconform speed" to something slower.


I installed the demo but I get a message from PACE asking for an iLok. What's an iLok?

We use copy protection from a company called PACE. There's a hardware USB "dongle" (the iLok) and a cloud based management system which allows for lots of flexibility for you and good security for us. It's an industry standard, it's reliable and if you run Pro Tools you already know what I'm talking about.

You can authorise to your computer, or to a hardware iLok dongle which can be purchased from PACE or any decent music store.

I used my Amex card but haven't received my stuff. Why?

Amex and Paypal don't play well together. Your payment has been turned into an 'eCheck' and nobody is really sure what that is, how it works, or how long it will take to clear. It may take a couple of days, or it may take a week, and sadly there's nothing we can do to intervene once this process in underway.

If you're stuck and desperately need your new tools - let us know and we can extend your trial period.

I installed the demo but it's still asking me for a license!

You missed the "TRY" button just as dozens of other intelligent, technically-minded people have done before you. Run the app/plugin again, keep your eyes peeled for the TRY button and hit it hard to claim your trial period. Really Hard.

I got a "Trial Activation Error" but I've definitely never used the trial

Yup, this is a very annoying bug in the iLok system.

You probably had some issue when first attempting to trigger the trial, and you backed out (or crashed).

The trial asset is sitting in your iLok account right now - it just never made it onto your machine or iLok dongle.

Just open the iLok License manager app and drag the asset onto your iLok.

Bug report

The Cargo Cult is committed to sustainable code cultivation. If you’ve found a glitch in the matrix please let us know and we’ll get on it ASAP.