Charles Deenen

As one of the earliest pioneers of sound in computer games, Charles Deenen booked himself a place in the history of sound design, but it’s his more recent work on trailers and features, as well as big budget games, which gets him a lot of attention these days.

In the '80s Charles was one half of a computer audio production team based in the Netherlands, creating soundtracks for some of the most iconic computer games of that era. The momentum appears to have gained over time and Charles has today contributed to countless computer games and trailers as well as some serious blockbuster sound FX tracks.

His more notable credits include the Need for Speed series, Fast and Furious, Call of Duty, Halo, Evolve and hundreds of game and theatrical trailers.

"Spanner is -literally- the only solution out there for easily rebalancing multi-track recordings. It's been a life-saver for me on many occasions, whether it was re-mixing a 7.1 to 5.1, re-panning 5.1 pre-dubs etc. But now with the panning overlay and panning enhancements, it's become a Pro Tools panning replacement as well. It's on my (very short) must-have plugin list."