Version History


Simplified audible diffs a little

Redesign of clip matching logic to better identify best clip from multiple options.

Fix for some users getting beachballs with AAX Helper Plugin.

Fixed duplicate markers after reconform in Nuendo

Removed iLok requirement for helper plugins

Fixed flashing video during scrub on some Apple Silicon machines.


Fixes for video engine displaying wrong frame after scrubbing

Fix for AAF importing on Apple Silicon only

Added support for latest OpenTimelineIO schema


Added reconforming of Feet+Frames text files (excel, databases, google sheets etc)

Improvements to PTSL support.

Export OLD/NEW clips lists now conforms better to EDL standards.


Fixed MacOS Ventura issue where helper couldn’t be found.

Add option to bypass Pro Tools Scripting features.

Fixed rare issue with Nuendo12 session start times

Better logging and error handling for Nuendo.


Fixed bug from 1.5.5/6 where bogus framestores were created. Please trash any framestore files from that era.

Re-enabled Pro Tools Scripting stuff for any PT version supporting it.


Disabled broken Pro Tools Scripting stuff on Windows


• Partial support for reconforming using the new Pro Tools Scripting SDK. Minor improvement.

• Greatly improved Nuendo support - The benefits Should be:

Much faster reconform - particularly on really large sessions.

Less likely to make a mistake with automation breakpoints, overlaps or fades.

Scraps are more accurately identified instead of deleting every clip under the threshold.

No longer any need for the “session start time” field in Matchbox (redundant till I can remove it)

Fixed “Selected Tracks Only” Issues with tracks in folders and group tracks

• Added option for using “local Framesstores”

• Framestores will be generated in your Documents folder instead of next to the video file.

Means you don’t have to worry about someone else using different video crop settings.

• Fixed calculation issues with the Summary page.

• AAF fix.

• Fixed SmartConform timecode fields loading with default vales

• Fixed Pro Tools markers ignoring the “use offsets” checkbox.

• “Promote..” No longer clears the match-list before promoting.

• Internal changes to video analysis data - watch out for any differences.

• Fixed empty lines in text reconform being flagged as BADCODE


Fix bug in Audio File Matchup introduced at 1.5.3


Fix for reconforming on Windows Pro Tools

AAF import fixes

Fix for audio compare on Apple Silicon and some PCs


Fixed issue with negative timecodes in Nuendo

Added file type filtering for “Open Matchbox FIle..”


Added Nuendo support


Fixed USER markers being deleted during PT reconform

Fixed Main Window forgetting its un-maximised state (opt-click the maximise button)

Big improvement to selection of matches when clips are reused in the edit.

Extra logging when helper plugin can’t be opened automatically.


Big upgrade under-the-hood

Added Apple Silicon installer option

Fixed healing bug from v1.3.0

Various fixes to importing AAFs

Fixed recent Audible Diff changes so it correctly named the finished diff objects

Fixed track headers not aligning correctly with tracks

Changed to using Selected video files for creating shot tracks.

Added Min Match Length pref (Default to ON and 5fr)

Fixed playback issues when one timeline was empty

Alert on quitting now defaults to DON’T QUIT

Fixed auto-relink to recently chosen search path

Various healing and diffing fixes

Added “Create AUTO/USER Markers in DAW” menu items

Added alert message when accidentally importing a .matchbox to the old/new timelines.

Fixed an issue with importing PT Session Info Text

Improved Video Analysis performance - requires re-analysis of frame stores

Fixed timeout with phone-home version check on startup

Improved visibility of connection rods in matches view

Fixed issue reconforming Pro Tools Session Info text

Fixed text reconform wrongly applying offsets

Fixed text reconform for cues on start edge of match range

Fixed Reconform Offsets checkbox not being respected in a few places

Added Opt-Click to maximise window

Fixed opening helper plugin when menu organised by only Manufacturer

Fixed issues in Clipname text filtering of list view



Massively improved Audio File Matching algorithm

Improvements to the creation of AUDIBLE DIFFs

Added support for auto-relinking files if they are siblings of the .matchbox or .sequence file

Added Create Diffs Track In Pro Tools

Added Clip Type filtering checkboxes to list views

Added Preference to stop playhead locating when in playback

Improved F&Fr support in Markers and lists

Fixed various zoom and scroll annoyances

Added tick marks in view menu for toggle-able features

Removed automatic relinking of missing files - was taking forever on large server volumes.

Fixed Audio I/O being forgotten on restart

Changed Healing between reels - now refuses to heal over a gap of 10min or more

Fixed annoyance with Apply Offsets checkbox

Fixed incorrect channel output count in log file.

Various other little fixes.


Numerous important improvements to matching from AAF/EDL/XML clip metadata

Fixed handling of multi-cam clips from AAF

Added Old Playhead Follows New as if Reconformed mode 

Added support for TTML closed captions

Added support for Netflix TTAL closed captions

Added support for reconforming lists when cues are split to multiple shots.

Added “Trim Name After..” Pref to help clean up clip names

Added AUDIO DEVICES preference page to enable choosing output hardware.

Added Audio output gain preference

Fixed Clip Mute from list views

Fixed Marker start time when added during playback

Changed shortcuts - Disable/Enable track is now SHIFT-E. Locate to DAW… now uses “D”

Added “Create Scene Track” based on clipnames and a regex string

Fixed issues reconforming in Pro Tools on Windows (esp. with ASIO4All installed)

Fixed tabbing into List Filter field.

Numerous little UI and usability fixes

Added choice of data to import from .matchbox files

Fixed quit without warning when changes made to a previously empty Matchbox.

Fixed List views not showing correct “Parent Files” checkboxes

Fixed zero-length events causing trouble during Pro Tools reconform

PT Reconform now only adds USER markers from the range of selected Matches

“Search in other files” now alerts when it could find nothing.

Fixed crash with malformed regex strings

Added support for importing Pro Tools “Session Info As Text” files.

Fixed healing behaviour in “Forceful” mode for Matchup Any… 


Fixed issue with Offset… and Spot To… vaping clips.


Video File Matching algorithm rebuilt. Faster, More accurate, more tolerant of colour and other changes.

Video Matching now allows you to “End search” and keep whatever results it has found.

Fixed issue with overlapping video files after an offset.

Fixed Windows build reporting incorrectly when PT missing.

Fixed misleading error message for “Create Shot track…”

Fixed Audio files ignoring sequence mute status when being added to seq.

Increased recent files list to 8 items.

User settings are now saved at regular intervals.

Added AUTOSAVE mechanism.

Fixed Summary when multiple reels involved. 

Improved Damage value calculation (generally lower)

Fixes timelines not auto-scrolling when scroll master toggled

Improved performance with Pro Tools reconform on Windows


Fixed issues in AAF parsing

Fixed issue in Video File Matching multiple times for the same file

Added “Always use English” preference


Now forcing the appleEvents security check to happen when running for the first time, rather than during the first reconform

Fixed UNMATCHED list filter for Audio by removing any use of flattened track

Fix typo for 59.94fps detection

Fixed slowness in Matchup Video Files

Applying offsets to the Locate DAW... routines.

fixed Marker exports default save path

Fixed an AAF import error

Fixed LINE FEED issue with Avid Marker exports.

Fixed Windows installer download


Added Open and Open Recent menu items

Fixed a rare AAF import issue

Fixed issue promoting clips from lists window. 

Added alert when no clips selected

Added highlight colour to default button in alert windows.

Added Open and Open Recent menus

Added more informative text to the crash report email

Added extra user logging to help trace issues

Video File Matchup - small optimisations. Fixed progress indicator stuck at 99%.

Added extra progress messaging  to phase2 and 3  for slow cases. 

Fixed various issues when videos were in different aspect ratios. Requires a rebuild of framestores for any files not 16:9

Added more system info to the log file on wakeup

Fixed TAB/TSV and CSV list reconform. 

Allows mixed use of quotes. Always applies quotes for saving CSV, never for TAB

Changed menu item names to clarify behaviour.

Fixed import audio EDL to Matches.

Added support for importing multiple EDL files to Matches in one operation.


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