Version History


Added Crosstalk

Added Small mode

Added Tap Tap

Added Ducker

Added new formats 5.x.x, 7.x.x, 9.x.x

Added copy delay times between Tempo (SYNC) and Time modes (CTRL-SHIFT)

Added onboard presets menu in AAX.

General GUI improvements

Added tooltips

Improved Rotate behaviour

Fixed key modifier issues on windows

Made key modifiers match Spanner

Fixed COMPARE light in Pro Tools

Fixed OutGain being applied in BYPASS

Fixed compatibility with less common DAWs

Added new presets to library


Update EULA


Rebuild for Apple Silicon

Fixed surround implementation in VST/AU

Removed support for legacy VST format ( VST3 still supported )

Fixed passthru signal in BYPASS for 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 variants

Added preset management drop-down for non-Pro-Tools hosts.

Allow mini-mode to be maintained when opening instances


Fixed missing parameter in S6 pagetable layout 


Fixed UI issues in Big Sur

Fixed Apple notarisation for Catalina


Fix for empty automation parameter list in PT in 7.0.2 and 7.1.2

Fix for PT PageTable Layouts in 7.0.2 and 7.1.2

Fix for PT Pagetable Layouts using the Master Bypass parameter


Fix for older Pro Tools versions ( < 12.8 )


IMPORTANT: Fixed possible data corruption issue in v2.0.0

Improved CPU usage of reverb in rare cases

fixed BG image issue in Slapper ST WIN


Major rebuild of everything under the hood.

Added reverbs to each tap

Added Z-axis panning for 7.0.2 and 7.1.2

Added nearest-preset interrogation

Meddled with keyboard modifiers.

Fixed preset COMPARE feature in Pro Tools.

Fixed preset loading time in playback

Fixed italic preset name in Pro Tools (diff calculation)

Changed surround channel layout to L-R-C-Lfe… in non-Pro Tools hosts

Changed prime number grids.

Added Mini UI mode.

Added parameter change warning LED.

Added traditional-style surround meters in mini mode.

Added a bunch of new presets using reverb and z-axis

Updated pagetable layouts for Avid surfaces

Moved pagetables back into the plugin bundle

Improved contrast for texts in UI

Lots of little UI tweaks and improvements

NOTE: presets and automation are fully compatible when moving form v1 to v2.

Moving in the other direction you will simply lose the new parameters for reverb, z-axis etc.


Changed behaviour of MIX parameter - now only ignores updates after dbl-clicking.

MIX slider label changes to [MIX] to indicate that it is ignoring value changes from presets.


Improved efficiency and reliability of audio processing algorithm.


Fixed missing pagetables (console layouts)


Fixed rare bug with plugin outputting DC

Changed preset loading - the MIX parameter is now maintained rather than loaded from preset

Changed scaling on the main output meters - now matches the pimped meters from v1.1


Fixed issue with Quad instances outputting stereo.


Rebuild for AU, VST, VST3, Windows

Added OutMix and OutGain to S6 pageables

Added new pages to the Eucon layouts

Improved metering response time - much snappier.

Reduced CPU load during tape-mode warps at low buffer sizes.

Reduced CPU load from UI

Added coefficient smoothing (de-zippering) to the HPF and LPF parameters.

Changed modifier combinations - CTRL-DRAG_X = Damping, CTRL-DRAG_Y = Feedback

Known issue: modifier combinations using the ALT key in Windows Pro Tools must press the ALT key last in the combination.


Fixed missing automation parameters in Slapper ST


Slapper ST added

Memory management tweaks


Initial release

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