Version History


Fixed Video Sync (Non Lethal) integration

Reduced “phone home” checks for new versions to just once a day


Rebuild GUI

Add mini mode

Add windows support

Add new surround formats 5.x.x, 7.x.x, 9.x.x


Fixed crash on Ventura when plugin removed/swapped with GUI open


Updated EULA


Fixed disappearing overlays issue


Added Apple Silicon native support

Fixed Pagetables where some pages were missing

Fixed rare issue in DSP versions


Added support for ADR Master and Video Sync

Re-instated phone-home for version check


fixed ipad meters in 5.1 and 7.0.2

Added atmos format stuff. 

Added ELEV meta parameter. 

Fixed top channels not being controlled by meta parameters.

Updated pagetables


Fixed text colours on Mojave


Fixed occasional crash when plugin UI moved, closed or switched between Native/DSP and overlay was open.


Fixed network timeout issue.

Fixed/tweaked DSP resource allocations.

Added Z axis and Elev parameters to pagetable layouts for D-Control

Fixed issue with preference file becoming corrupt after a PT update.


Fixed HD-X parameter change issue

Tweaked colour of version number


Fixed automation lane orientation for PanY_L

Fixed pagetable layouts for a few parameters.


Big rebuild:

Z-Axis panning and 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 modes for ATMOS.

Added “balls to the wall mode

Rebuilt audio engine brings better sound quality, stability and CPU efficiency.

Integration with Video Salve 3.3 means pan-position streamers over black magic or other video peripherals.

New expanded faders section and text entry options.

Collapsable faders view for reduced screen footprint

Redesigned ergonomics in the UI.

Improvements and fixes throughout the plugin making it easier to use and a lot more responsive.

Meters redesign

Recreated presets, allowing for new formats.

Moved Factory Presets to avoid overwriting users presets and clashing with older sets.

Switch to new iLok license “Spanner3”


Fixed issue with missing presets

Updated EULA


Fixed crash when using “hide and deactivate” on certain versions of PT.

Moved the pagetable XML file outside the plugin bundle to enable layout customisation - Please check for alternate pagetable files which might suit your console.


fixed Audiosuite crash… again. fixed real good this time.


added track name to Spancontrol iPad app protocol.

removed alert popup during Pro Tools launch.

memory management tweaks.


fixed audiosuite crashing issue

switched Eucon 8x1 layout to work around daft AVID knob-order bugs. S6 users will have to flip knob order and then complain to the product designers.


increased the overlay window-level to stop it becoming hidden.


fixed memory leak with overlay window

removed overlay from audiosuite versions

added new eucon pagetables in a few formats. (artist series will use these now)

overlay pop from iPad

increased text contrast inside pan field

changed iPad connection protocol  - instances now remain in the list and better multi-user management

iPad connectivity now requires Spancontrol 2.5 and is in compatible with pre-2.5 versions of both Spanner and app.

iPad remote now has preferences and checkbox for auto mount

iPad remote now has preference for memory of button states.

iPad remote now releases PAN or FAD parameter when disabled - enabling re-panning of just one dimension, leaving the other alone.

iPad remote now lists all instances in session

iPad remote now has slightly smaller pan field - allowing more out-of-bounds area for dragging

iPad remote now has coloured MODE buttons for more intuitive state feedback 

iPad remote now has meters

iPad remote pan-pucks now glide to new positions on mounting a new instance

rebranded as The Cargo Cult


iLok support replaces old system


PT11, 64bit AAX2 compatibility


increased the overlay "window level" so it's always above the QT.


added QT overlay window

added new pref file at com.maggot.spanner.plist

added global "memory" for smoothing setting.

added text entry support

added output solos including key modifier shortcuts (shift, opt, cmd)

changed mouse click detection such that nearest dot will now respond - easier to catch moving dots and make group moves

added new "meta parameters": width, widthFront, widthRear, depth, moveLeftRight, moveFrontRear, Spin, Rotate - for hardware controllers only.

changed layouts for all surfaces to include new parameters

fixed layouts for D-Control: mono thru quad had parameters arranged inverted

added "PIMP METERS" option for greater meter resolution with low level signals

added iPad remote support


added DSP support

added rotate

added all-linked

fixed "squishiness" against walls in absolute mode

juggled keyboard modifiers slightly to allow for rotate

added version checking from web

added version number at bottom of GUI

improved responsiveness and reliability of GUI written automation

roughly halved CPU usage on Native systems.

fixed some minor authorisation issues


switched Pan automation lane orientation to match the daft PT panner. lane-up = left = knob-left = down-fader

fixed output issue with mono-output variant.


added 5.0 and 7.0 output versions.

added text in panfield showing the output format


fixed issue with bypass not fully bypassing in some situations

added support for stereo, LCR, quad and 7.1 output versions


fixed PT crash when launching with unauthorized Spanner


fixed authorisation issue in PT

fixed issue with right-click-dot not releasing 'touch'


initial release

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